AG Proposes Liberty Over Lockdowns, Media Goes Crazy

AG Proposes Liberty Over Lockdowns, Media Goes Crazy

( – If there’s anything that’s being unveiled throughout 2020, it’s how far America has drifted away from our history of celebrating our freedoms over the last decade. What was once thought unimaginable is now possible. Who would have thought in January that governors would be so willing and able to strip people of their constitutional liberties under the guise of protecting them from a pandemic?

In April, Attorney General William Barr warned that some state and local governments were going too far. He called their actions akin to house arrest.

They forced businesses to close, ordered people to stay home, and deprived Americans of the ability to make a living. They forced churches to close against their constitutionally guaranteed rights under the First Amendment.

What’s at stake in November is two competing visions for America. The first is one that the government is responsible “to” its citizenry. The other is that the government is responsible “for” its people. Both visions cannot be right.

Liberty Over Lockdowns

On Thursday, September 17, Barr said that, other than slavery, the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders were the “greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history.” By inserting slavery as a “different kind of restraint,” Barr created a frenzy among the media and Democrats.

They completely lost all common sense and heard what they wanted to hear, instead of listening to what was actually being said.

Unfortunately, a lack of historical comprehension by the media and Democrats is partly to blame. They hear the word “liberty,” and their minds immediately conjure up images of gun-toting, flag-carrying white men who cling to their religion. What they don’t see are people who love America for what makes it great.

Barr was not saying slavery was the same as the lockdowns. The metaphor demonstrated that a wrong “restraint” existed during slavery and that lockdowns were also wrong – both limited “liberty.”

What Is Liberty?

In 1776, the idea of liberty was in contrast to a monarch, which is a dictator. By definition, “liberty” means constraint on government. The founders did not want a strong central government that could control people’s lives or livelihoods. The Declaration of Independence made it clear they viewed the role of a government should be limited in capacity to ensure that people could pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Government has no other purpose.

The attorney general has been consistent throughout his tenure. He believes in the vision that the government is responsible “to” its citizens and that even during a pandemic, the Constitution is not superseded by it.

Elected Officials vs. White Coats

Barr’s view is that the elected officials are responsible for making decisions for the American people; not bureaucrats, prosecutors, or even scientists. In a Democratic-Republic, only those chosen by the people can make decisions on their behalf.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would have us believe he would follow the science. Biden, and the media, think the government is responsible “for” its people. They presume to know better for us than we know for ourselves. They would gladly trade our liberties and freedoms for a little security.

That’s a stark contrast to the AG’s historical view that the government is responsible “to” its citizenry, and that security is only available to those who defend liberty.

The November election is coming quickly.

Which vision will America choose?

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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