AG Barr Says Leftists, Foreign Actors Behind Unrest

AG Barr Says Leftists, Foreign Actors Behind Unrest

( – According to Attorney General William Barr, an investigation into the civil unrest sweeping America shows it’s being exploited by political groups and foreign actors. Although there have been widespread protests against the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Barr says these are now being hijacked for other purposes.


In a short announcement Thursday, AG Barr revealed that ongoing violence is being used by multiple groups for their own advantage.

  • Barr began by expressing his own sympathies for Floyd’s death, which has been strongly condemned by the Trump administration. He later said the Justice Department and FBI are running their own investigation to see if there were violations of federal civil rights law linked to the killing of Floyd.
  • He then told journalists there are three different factions involved in the unrest. These include peaceful protestors, looters, and “extremist agitators that hijack protests.”
  • There’s genuine and widespread anger over Floyd’s death, and all four Minneapolis cops who were involved have now been fired, arrested and charged in connection with his murder. Many people legitimately want to protest against what happened, and the administration has been clear that it stands with peaceful protesters.
  • Looters are just opportunistic criminals who see a chance to steal, and mass protests are the perfect cover for their thievery.
  • The most worrying aspect, however, is the involvement of political extremists. Barr says there’s evidence that Antifa and other groups have latched on to the protests and are using them to push their own agendas.
  • Barr says there’s a “witches’ brew” of extremists involved, promoting different ideologies. Antifa and other far-left groups want to destroy capitalism and turn America socialist, while other factions want to provoke a civil war or promote anarchy as a political system. FBI Director Christopher Wray added that “these individuals have set out to sow discord and upheaval.”
  • The AG also said foreign actors are “playing all sides” to worsen the violence. So far he hasn’t named them, but considering the hard line the administration is taking over China’s role in the coronavirus pandemic, Beijing has to be a prime suspect.

So far over 100 people have been arrested in Washington, DC alone. Around 75 of those have been charged with assault, destruction of property, and other violent crimes.

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