AG Barr: “Assault On Religion” to Blame for Social Decline

AG Barr:

In a hard-hitting speech on Friday at the University of Notre Dame, Attorney General Bill Barr blamed what he called “concerted attacks on religious liberty” for the social problems that plague America today. According to Barr, religious freedom isn’t just protection for religion; the framers of the Constitution believed it was essential to our system of government.

Barr told the audience that as religion becomes less important in public life, various social problems — including drug abuse, mental illness and suicide — are on the rise. He believes that this is no coincidence and that our increasing Godlessness as a society is directly to blame for those problems.

He also pointed out that religion in the US isn’t going through a natural process of decay; it’s being deliberately destroyed by secularists through media, culture and education. Other traditional values are being targeted, too. Barr singled out state governments and municipal authorities for criticism, highlighting a case where a Catholic school’s rights were violated over its dismissal of a gay teacher.

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