Afghanistan Trip Unauthorized but Valuable

Afghanistan Trip Unauthorized but Valuable

( – On August 24, US Representatives Seth Moulton (D-MA) and Peter Meijer (R-MI) made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul. They went to see for themselves what was happening on the ground during the final days of the withdrawal effort.

After they returned home, the congressmen posted a joint statement explaining the reason for their visit. As combat veterans and members of Congress, they have a duty to provide oversight to ensure America fulfills its “moral obligation” to ensure the safety of American citizens and “loyal allies” in Afghanistan.

However, Moulton’s Twitter thread provided the greatest proof of the importance of their trip. His thread began with a heart-wrenching image of Afghan civilians crowded at Kabul’s international airport. Razor wire is evident in the foreground.

Continuing, he spoke of seasoned Marines and State Department officials shedding tears as they talked about their ongoing efforts to complete their mission to extract Americans and eligible Afghans before it’s too late. “It’s a reminder of why America’s values… matter,” he wrote.

Sadly, Moulton concluded that he and Meijer had hoped to return to Washington and push President Biden to extend the August 31 deadline. However, after speaking with military commanders and seeing the situation for themselves, it was painfully obvious it would be impossible to get everyone out of Afghanistan on time, even by September 11, Biden’s original deadline.

Moulton promised to provide more information to his colleagues in Washington and the American people in the coming days. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

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