Administration Won’t Let Patriotic Cubans Come to America the One Time It Makes Sense

Administration Won't Let Patriotic Cubans Come to America the One Time It Makes Sense

( – President Joe Biden has been singing songs of praise for patriotic Cubans standing up against Cuba’s long-running tyrannical Communist regime. On July 12, he released a statement telling the world the United States stands with the Cuban people and their historic call for freedom. He praised protesters’ bravery and their cries for basic human decency. But, however grand Biden’s words may have been, actions speak louder, and his administration is falling far short of providing aid and comfort to Cubans in their time of need.

On July 13, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas broke the sad news to Cuban refugees, telling them the United States would turn them away. “Allow me to be clear,” he stated. “If you take to the sea, you will not [be welcomed] to the United States.” Continuing, he explained if any of them could establish tangible fears regarding their safety, they would be “referred” to other countries “for resettlement.”

Understandably, the administration would want to prevent random migrants from flooding across the southern border. By definition, migrants are individuals who voluntarily left their homeland to find a better life. But, has the administration really chosen to reject confirmed political refugees afraid of being tortured or persecuted by a brutal Communist regime?

The sad punchline to this story is the fact that not only is the Biden administration rejecting refugees, but at the same time, it’s accepting hoards of migrants with little to no concern about their reasons for coming or former criminal history. Go figure!

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