Administration Expands Border Deportation Program

Administration Expands Border Deportation Program

While Democrats waste the time and taxpayer dollars on the impeachment mess, the Trump administration continues working to make our borders more secure. Now a pilot program to rapidly evaluate — and where necessary deport — asylum claimants has been expanded to cover one of the busiest sectors of our southern border.


Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed on Tuesday, Dec 31, that, following a successful test period, they’re rolling out a new system for quickly dealing with asylum seekers.

  • Currently, anyone who enters the US and claims asylum is entitled to stay in the country until their claim has been evaluated — and that can take years. By the time a claim is turned down the claimant has often disappeared into the population and can’t be easily deported, or even found.
  • Last October, CBP started testing the Prompt Asylum Claim Review (PACR) system in the El Paso area. So far they’ve enrolled more than 1,000 people in the program, and it’s worked smoothly. Now CBP wants to use it in more areas.
  • Under PACR, anyone detained crossing the border is transferred to a Border Patrol facility. For the pilot, this was a 1,500-bed location near El Paso. At the facility, they’re given a day to call a lawyer or relative and are then interviewed by an asylum officer.
  • The advantage of PACR for asylum seekers is that, if they’re genuine, they can be granted asylum in the US in 10 days or less — sparing them long periods of insecurity.
  • On the other hand, the advantage for the US is that if they aren’t genuine CBP knows exactly where they are — in the processing facility — and can quickly act to deport them.
  • Some leftists have complained that this faster process is denying migrants due process and access to legal advice. CBP says that’s untrue, and that all asylum seekers processed through PACR have the opportunity for consultation with a lawyer before their case is reviewed. On top of this, any whose claims are rejected are entitled to request a review from an immigration judge. The system has plenty of safeguards.
  • Now CBP says the program was rolled out in December to the Rio Grande Valley area, a section of border that’s been among the worst hit by illegal immigration. Hopefully, it will save time and money on processing claims, and help to deter people from entering our country illegally.

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