Adams Complains Migrant Crisis Is Destroying NYC

( – As illegal immigrants continue flooding into the Big Apple, an increasingly desperate Mayor Eric Adams (D) claims they’re destroying the city. The mayor says he can’t see an end to the influx of migrants, and blaming everyone else for the situation isn’t helping. The Biden administration’s failure to secure the border is now having a real impact on his Democrat-controlled city, and he doesn’t like it at all.

On September 6, Adams held a town hall meeting on New York City’s Upper West Side, and he hit a relentlessly downbeat note on the immigrant situation. He told his audience that he’s never experienced a problem he couldn’t see an end to, but “I don’t see an ending to this… this issue will destroy New York City.” He went on to explain that 10,000 migrants are arriving every month, and looking after them is going to mean cuts in every service the city provides. He told attendees that everyone in the city would be affected and they would lose the city they knew.

Adams is trying to deflect blame for the immigrant crisis, and his main target is Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R). Abbott has lightened the load on Texas by busing illegals to self-declared “sanctuary cities,” which claim to welcome immigrants. The day before Adams’s town hall Abbott claimed he’s shipped out more than 35,000 illegals, including over 13,000 to NYC, since last August.

Adams slammed the governor as “a madman down in Texas” over the policy. Abbott’s press secretary released a statement in response, accusing the mayor of hypocrisy and pointing out that “Adams was proud to tout his self-described sanctuary city status until Texas began busing migrants to New York City” and suggesting he should call out President Biden. Abbott also warned that, until the current administration regains control of the border, “Texas will continue busing migrants to sanctuary cities.”

No doubt that isn’t what Adams wants to hear — but if the Biden administration insists on allowing illegal immigration, blue cities can expect to face the consequences of that policy.

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