Active Terror Threat Warning Sent to Joe Biden

Active Terror Threat Warning Sent to Joe Biden

Terror WARNING Sent To Joe Biden – Active Threat Not to Be Ignored

( – President Joe Biden’s foreign policy failures cover a broad range of concerns from Iran’s continued efforts to build nuclear weapons, to the ongoing war in Ukraine, and several points between. Despite his administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, the country’s lead resistance group recently sent an active terror threat warning to White House officials.

On Tuesday, March 24, Fox News reported that a spokesperson for the National Resistance Front (NRF) sent a statement to the network that included a strongly-worded message for the Biden administration.

The NRF urged White House officials not to make the same mistake Bill Clinton’s administration made when it ignored the threat of growing terrorism in the months and years leading up to the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States.

“The White House has to act fast and adopt a proactive approach…” to pushing back against terrorists, the statement read in part. It also called on administration officials to support the efforts of groups like the NRF to liberate Afghanistan.

The statement made no mention of possible attacks on US soil. Instead, the group sent the message to Fox News in the wake of increased internal fighting and elevated terrorist attacks in Afghanistan between the Taliban and pro-democracy groups like the NRF.

So far, the Biden administration and Congress have shown little interest in funding groups resisting the Taliban.

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