Abortion Pill by Mail — FDA Loosens Restrictions

Abortion Pill by Mail --- FDA Loosens Restrictions

(RightWing.org) – The Food and Drug Administration has used the COVID pandemic to make abortion easier to access – and lawmakers haven’t had any input on the move.

Earlier this year, the FDA temporarily lifted some restrictions on mifepristone, an abortion pill women can use up to the tenth week of pregnancy. Because the COVID pandemic made it hard for many people to access doctors, they dropped a requirement the pills could only be handed over in person and allowed pharmacies to send the medication by mail.

On December 16, the FDA decided to make the change permanent. A licensed medical professional must still prescribe the drug, but once a woman has the prescription, she can have the pills delivered by mail. Many abortion clinics can give online consultations and prescribe the pills; the woman can then order them from a pharmacy.

The FDA’s decision will likely prompt controversy. Nineteen states have already outlawed telemedicine consultations for abortion, but the FDA decision will make it much easier to get an abortion in the other 31. The Supreme Court is currently considering a Mississippi case that could lead to the biggest changes in US abortion law since Roe v Wade. With a solid Conservative majority on the Court, the FDA might have just poured gas on the fire.

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