ABC News Confirms Validity of Biden Family Corruption Expose

ABC News Confirms Validity of Biden Family Corruption Expose

( – President Biden’s reputation took another knock on Tuesday, as a mainstream media outlet sensationally confirmed allegations made by a conservative journalist. The ABC News admission is a crack in the wall of media support that’s shielded Biden since his campaign launched.

Peter Schweizer is a contributor to Breitbart News and the author of several bestselling books on corruption within the US political elite. One of those books, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, was published in January 2020 and contains damaging revelations about Joe Biden. In particular, it digs into the links between Biden and his son-in-law, Howard Krein.

Throughout Biden’s campaign, Krein worked for him as an advisor on the coronavirus pandemic. Because Krein is a doctor, that seems reasonable – but, while he was advising Biden on how to fight the virus, he was also investing heavily in companies that stood to benefit from the policies he was recommending.

Now, ABC News has confirmed Schweizer’s allegations. In a February 9 piece, they confirmed Krein’s company, StartUp Health, planned to invest $1 million in COVID-related businesses. Last October, Biden campaign spokesman Mike Gwin vehemently denied Schweizer’s claims. Now, it turns out Schweizer was telling the truth – and Gwin wasn’t. The question is, how far up the Biden organization does the dishonesty extend?

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