A Tale of Two Town Halls

A Tale of Two Town Halls

(RightWing.org) – They say variety is the spice of life. However, in one case, the spice can be too much, and in the other, not enough. On Thursday, October 15, President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden held separate town halls during prime time television. One town hall was contentious and made for TV, and the other was boring and uneventful. Yet, something profound came out of each one.

If ever there were contrasting tales, this was it. NBC took the gloves off and went directly at Trump. On ABC, Biden was handled with kid gloves. Trump was attacked; Biden was protected.

For conservatives, it’s what we have come to expect over the years. Everyone understands that the media is liberal and that they have their party preference. In one sense, it’s not all bad. For savvy Republican candidates who understand the game, it can be leveraged to their advantage.

Hunter Biden Not Mentioned One Time

If ABC’s George Stephanopoulos’ goal was to make Biden come off looking good, he marginally succeeded. He asked very few questions and primarily allowed the hand-picked audience to engage with the Democratic nominee.

Guess which question never came up?

Not one time was Biden asked about or challenged on the bombshell New York Post story that alleges the former vice president and his son used their powerful positions for financial gain with Ukraine and China. In the past, the former VP has denied knowing anything about his son’s arrangements that saw the younger Biden make upwards of $50,000 per month from a corrupt energy company in Ukraine. However, his only qualification was his relationship with his father.

An 87-page report by the Senate Homeland Security Committee also shows large sums of money were transferred to and from Biden from people in Russia and China.

Last summer, the former Vice President said, “I never spoke to my son about his overseas business dealings.” However, based on the information released by the Post, that isn’t true. Doesn’t that beg at least one question when you have the man sitting right in front of you?

It’s Okay to Raise Taxes

A moment of honesty occurred when Biden acknowledged it is okay to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy during a weak economy. Biden believes the government holds the power to improve the economy and create jobs by taxing businesses and wealthy people. The problem is, it didn’t work before. Why would it work now?

It’s the same prescription used during the Obama years that saw scores of companies leave the United States because of its uncompetitive taxation and regulations. During the Obama years, the US had the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Companies in the United States struggled to be competitive with their foreign adversaries. The high taxation, coupled with crippling regulations, caused companies to slowly hire and keep wages down.

That’s what Biden advocated for on Thursday night.

Trump Is Forced to Debate the Moderator

While Biden was handed the kid gloves to put on, NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie took hers off for the town hall’s first 20 minutes. She was combative as she challenged Trump on his taxes, personal and business debt, his handling of COVID-19, the peaceful transfer of power and voter fraud, QAnon conspiracy theories, and white supremacy.

Trump went into the lion’s den and did what very few politicians would do: he answered the questions. At one point, Guthrie aggressively went after the president about white supremacy. Trump said he denounces it and that he always denounced it. However, she kept pushing, forcing the president to say, “here we go again.”

For decades, the biggest criticism by conservatives was Republican presidents didn’t fight back. They allowed the media and Democrats to define them. That’s not President Trump, which explains in part why he has over a 90% approval rating in the Republican Party.

Debate Still On

Next week, Biden and Trump will meet for the last time in Nashville on October 22. If the moderator treats the two candidates differently, expect Trump to ask the questions of Biden the moderator won’t.

It’s likely to be intense and interesting.

The question is, will the debate change anyone’s mind if they didn’t already cast a ballot beforehand?

We’ll find out on or around November 3.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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