A New Form of Terrorism Is Being Used To Censor Critics

A New Form of Terrorism Is Being Used To Censor Critics

A New Form Of “Terrorism” is Being Pushed

(RightWing.org) – You’re probably familiar with the children’s rhyme about “sticks and stones” and “words shall never hurt me.” Children have used the phrase to push back against bullies for centuries. However, times have changed, and a new form of terrorism has emerged as a weapon to silence critics — the two-word phrase “stochastic terrorism.” Proving that words can indeed hurt.

On September 14, the Daily Caller published a brief analysis of the rise of the term stochastic terrorism and its use by Liberals. The meaning of the phrase is simple enough — it refers to an effort to incite violence through the careful use of words.

The term rose to prominence shortly before the 2016 presidential election. For example, Merriam-Webster was kind enough to provide a definition of the phrase on Twitter and gratuitously link it to a since-deleted article from Rolling Stone smearing then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in August 2016.

The Daily Caller spoke with experts like free speech research fellow Komi Frey who explained the use of sophisticated terms like stochastic are placed alongside an evocative term like “terrorism,” to capture people’s attention and can be used to throttle free speech.

Liberal activists and groups have used the phrase against others when reporting social media posts with opinions varying from their own as part of an effort to shut down their accounts.

A group of LGBTQ activists recently weaponized the term to force Twitter moderators to temporarily shut down the Libs of TikTok account. The Left has also gone after prominent conservative voices like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), popular conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and scores of MAGA supporters.

Do you think of the rise of such words as stochastic terrorism will silence Conservatives?

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