8 Bodies Found at Resort

8 Bodies Found at Resort

(RightWing.org) – The Biden administration readily admits that some areas in Mexico present a significant risk of crime and kidnapping but appears unwilling to address ongoing issues involving the overflow of violence on American soil. Sadly, recent news from south of the border showed just how real that threat might be with the discovery of several bodies at a tourist site on the Caribbean coast.

On Thursday, April 27, Fox News published an article detailing the tragic discovery of the bodies of eight missing persons near a resort district in Cancún, Mexico. Law enforcement officials located the bodies after an intense search of the surrounding areas over the previous weekend.

Quintana Roo State Prosecutor Óscar Montes de Oca Rosales told news outlets that authorities found five bodies at an abandoned building site. Investigators determined they were dumped in that location somewhere between a week and a couple of months prior. Likewise, authorities discovered the skeletal remains of three more individuals in a wooded area located on the outskirts of Cancún.

One America News reported more than 112,000 people are listed as missing in Mexico, where law enforcement officials routinely conduct searches for clandestine grave sites. However, authorities have long considered Cancún and other resort areas safe tourist destinations, making the discovery of bodies there unique and troubling.

The latest travel advisory issued by the US State Department warned that violent crimes are “widespread and common in Mexico.” It also noted that American authorities have limited means to assist US citizens traveling to many areas within the country as Mexican authorities prohibit or restrict access to “certain areas” by US authorities.

The State Department’s notice for Quintana Roo state warns US citizens to “exercise increased caution” due to the area’s high levels of crime and kidnapping incidents. The notice also warned that shootouts between rival drug gangs present a risk to “innocent bystanders” although the gunfire isn’t “directed at tourists.”

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