5 Ways Trump Changed Politics in 2019

5 Ways Trump Changed Politics in 2019

When the people of the United States elected Donald Trump president in 2016, they did it in part because they were sick of Washington, D.C. and politics as usual. In the nearly 3 years since, President Trump continues to disrupt the status quo and bring about change.

Here are 5 ways he continued to do that in 2019:

  1. He proved that a president doesn’t have to just stand around and allow lawmakers from the opposite party to push him around.
  2. Trump exposed the way Republicans view the intelligence agencies by exposing corruption and draining the swamp.
  3. The president showed America that by refusing to buckle under pressure, he can get things done. For example, he got funding for his border wall because he never stopped advocating for us.
  4. He continued to disrupt politics and prove that a businessman, warts and all, is exactly what our economy needed.
  5. Pundits made fun of him when he immediately filed for reelection after his inauguration, now they are praising his brilliant election strategy and expansive war chest — proving he is indeed an incredibly smart campaigner.
  6. His biggest accomplishment is that he showed Republicans that they do not have to give in to the attacks from the Leftists. Fighting back is the only way to minimize their damage to this country.

Here’s hoping 2020 is just as successful.

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