400 Million People Have Cut Ties With the CCP

400 Million People Have Cut Ties With the CCP

400 MILLION People Have “Cut Ties” With This Group

(RightWing.org) – A New York-based newspaper says more than 400 million Chinese citizens have quit the communist party. China is one of the world’s few surviving far-left dictatorships, a one-party state where any opposition is ruthlessly crushed. Are its people finally starting to reject the Party’s control?

On August 3, the Epoch Times announced that the number of people signed up to the Tuidang movement had passed the 400 million mark earlier that day. Tuidang — a Mandarin word that roughly translates to “quit the party” — was launched by the Epoch Times in 2004. The movement was linked to a series of editorials published by the newspaper the same year — the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.” The CCP quickly blocked Chinese internet users from almost all websites showing the Commentaries.

Despite the regime’s censorship, the Tuidang website has shown an increasing number of people saying they’ve cut their links with the CCP. The movement was recently promoted in Washington, DC, at a July 21 demonstration against the communists; Chinese-born entrepreneur Chen Quanhong formally cut his links to the Party in June and announced that at the protest.

Yi Rong, president of the Global Tuidang Center, told the Epoch Times that with so many people renouncing the party, “it will spur a positive change in Chinese society.” She claimed that a non-communist future for China is now a real possibility. Could that be true, or just wishful thinking?

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