34 Presumed Dead in Boat Fire

A tragedy befell the Conception, a scuba diving excursion boat that caught fire and sank before dawn on Labor Day off the coast of Southern California. Only 5 survivors made it off the ship while the other 34 were trapped in the inferno. All but one body has been recovered thus far.

The passengers included many high-profile individuals including several Apple employees, one of which brought his family to celebrate his daughter’s 17th birthday. Visual effects designers for superhero and Disney movies were also on board.

All five survivors have gone through hours of questioning, though no official statement has been released at the time of this writing. Alcohol tests came back negative and drug tests are still pending. Hopefully, authorities can quickly discover the source of the fire to ensure no other boats in the area are in danger.

Please take a moment to join us in praying for the friends and families of the victims affected by this terrible event.

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