25 States Rise Up Against Biden

(RightWing.org) – President Joe Biden has made the reduction of greenhouse gases one of the cornerstones of his policy goals. Since taking office, he’s implemented a number of green initiatives, including new standards regarding tailpipe emissions. Half of the country’s attorneys general are now asking the administration to reconsider the rules.

The New Standards

In April, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the president’s proposed changes to the federal emissions standards to “accelerate the ongoing transition to a clean vehicles future” that the administration hopes will “tackle the climate crisis.” The agency’s press release claimed the new standards would help improve the air quality for communities.

The proposed rules related to vehicles from 2027 to 2032. They require light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles to follow stricter emissions standards regulating how much pollution can come from exhaust pipes. For example, manufacturers will have to reduce CO2 emissions from 438 grams per mile (g/mile) to 275 g/mile for all 2027 medium-duty vehicles. Light-duty vehicles will be required to have a reduction of 186 g/mile for 2026 vehicles to 89 g/mile by 2032. The EPA stated the new rules would likely drive the use of filters that “reduce gasoline particulate matter emissions” and other technologies that reduce greenhouse gases from vehicles.

The EPA predicted the rules could result in 46% of new medium-duty vehicles and 67% of new light-duty vehicles sold in 2032 being electric.

Attorneys General Rise Up

On July 5, the attorneys general (AGs) of 25 states wrote a letter to EPA Administrator Michael Regan stating the proposed standards are an “unlawful and misguided” attempt to aggressively move the country toward driving electric vehicles. They described the rules as a wholesale “attempt to restructure the automobile industry,” which is outside of the administrator’s power as granted by Congress. They don’t believe the rule would survive a challenge because it was allegedly based “on faulty premises and inaccurate cost-benefit projections.”

The attorneys general are accusing the EPA of rushing forward with the rule change and blowing “past red flags about the very possibility of achieving” its aims. The agency is allegedly ignoring the fact that the new rules are in danger of damaging the economy and the nation’s security.

They also claim the administration isn’t even ready to make large-scale change changes and believe the current rules would have terrible consequences for the auto supply chain. The attorneys general urged the EPA to reconsider the changes.

In addition to the letter from the states, private groups have filed a lawsuit against the administration over the rule, accusing Biden of mandating electric vehicles.

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