21-Gun Salute to Veterans Cancelled Over This…

21-Gun Salute to Veterans Cancelled Over This...

For over 10 years, the University of Virginia’ Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) company has held an annual Veterans Day vigil. The 24-hour event usually ends with a moving 21-gun salute to honor those who have served our great country — but not this year.

University President Jim Ryan canceled the patriotic salute because he was concerned it could “cause a panic.”

The president told local news reporters he felt the decade-old tradition would disrupt classes and would cause a panic, especially with the rise of gun violence.

Ryan continued to defend his decision saying the 21-gun salute is “not required or even typical” of Veterans Day ceremonies. Which is really not the point.

Sadly, he doesn’t have much confidence in the ability of his student body to handle such a display of respect. Especially when many of the soldiers who fought and died in defense of our way of life were younger than the kids on campus.

President Ryan said the school would look at future options for Veterans Day events and would reconsider bringing back the 21-gun salute.

Was it right for the school’s president to cancel the 21-gun salute on Veterans Day?

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