2020 Census Faces Security Issues

2020 Census Faces Security Issues

We’ve already witnessed some of the complications behind the implementation of the 2020 census. First, Trump’s citizenship question was removed due to leftist advocacy and legislative processes. Now, the institutions creating the infrastructure to enact the 2020 census are under threat by hackers.

Current security protocols don’t seem to be robust enough to safeguard the personal information of Americans. The Russians and other entities may be able to steal information after the census is conducted. While digital security almost always has vulnerabilities, the quality of the safeguards in place isn’t yet up to snuff.

In fact, it’s possible that these security issues may prevent the census from being finalized before its April 1, 2020 deadline.


Much of the Census Bureau’s tech funding (to the tune of $5 billion) went to seven contractors. Those entities then utilized another 41 subcontractors. Needless to say, this is a very complicated and involved project.

Nevertheless, the federal agency is creating its own in-house census system as a backup in case their primary systems don’t pan out.

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