150k More Jobs in Doubt

150k More Jobs in Doubt

(RightWing.org) – Breaking news from the auto industry is sweeping through the nation as if the state of the economy wasn’t already bad enough. The big three automakers, Ford, GM, and Fiat-Chrysler, have announced massive layoffs as they shut down all their factories across the US. About 150,000 workers will be affected by this decision.

The shut-down is expected to last until at least March 30. This gives companies a chance to deep clean facilities and set new protocols in place before workers return.

Currently, the UAW is negotiating for the rotation of partial facility shutdowns instead of having the three companies close all of the factories simultaneously. Any auto plants that remain open will continue to closely follow CDC recommendations regarding social distancing and general hygiene. Regular deep cleanings of facilities and equipment between shifts will occur and measures are in place to limit direct contact between personnel.

Regardless of what exactly happens with these plant shutdowns, this is a considerable blow to a large sector of America’s workforce.

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