$1 Million Was Funneled to Biden Family Members

$1 Million Was Funneled to Biden Family Members

(RightWing.org) – The wall of denials and purported alibis originating from President Joe Biden’s family could soon start crumbling down. Now that Republicans have control of House committees with Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s January ascension to Speaker, details of the Biden family’s involvement in illicit activities are starting to emerge. For instance, a recent report indicated that a Chinese company may have funneled over a million dollars to several Biden family members.

On March 16, Republican staff members serving on the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability released a memorandum detailing its findings related to financial records subpoenaed by Chairman James Comer (R-KY) at the end of February.

The committee hoped to use the information gathered under the request to determine if Biden family members took advantage of “deficiencies” within the country’s ethics laws and financial disclosure requirements to the detriment of American national security.

The committee took a particular interest in Biden family associate John Robinson Walker and his law firm, Robinson Walker, LLC, having received information he used his company to funnel money to several of the Bidens.

A review of Walker’s banking records revealed he transferred more than $1.3 million to various members of the Biden family after receiving a $3 million wire from a Chinese-based company shortly after Biden left office as vice president in early 2017.

The memo documented several 2017 payments totaling $1,065,692 from Robin Walker, LLC, to bank accounts associated with Biden family members, including:

  • A one-time $25,000 payment to Hallie Biden, the former wife of President Biden’s deceased son, Beau Biden.
  • Four payments totaling $500,000 to Owasco P.C., a now-defunct company formerly owned by Hunter Biden.
  • Four payments to an account simply listed as “Biden,” totaling $70,000 (the memo noted Republican committee members are continuing their efforts to discover the true identity of that account holder).
  • Five payments totaling $360,000 to JBBSR, Inc., a company owned by the president’s brother, James Biden.
  • One payment of $10,692 to RSTP II, LLC, a corporation owned by Hunter Biden.
  • A lone payment of $100,000 to First Clearing, LLC, a deposit that Republican committee members believe was intended for Hunter Biden or one of his businesses.

The memo concluded by stressing its concerns regarding the potential threat to national security raised by payments made to Biden family members in the absence of proper oversight and the need to adopt new legislation strengthening reporting requirements related to overseas payments involving family members of senior elected officials.

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